CTU Elections 2017

None of the positions up for election were contested this year. A constitutional amendment passed by members in 2016 states that there is no reason for an election under these circumstances. As per Article IV, Section 9 of the constitution:

“When there is only one nominee for every position, no election will be necessary and the candidates will be affirmed by acclamation of a majority of the members at the first Membership Meeting following the scheduled election if there is a quorum. This procedure will be used only when the number of open positions equals the number of candidates running for those positions. In the event that there is no quorum at the first Membership Meeting following the election, the outgoing Executive Board will convene at the Membership Meeting and, in the presence of the members, accept the candidates to constitute the new Executive Board and Audit Committee.”

Although we will forgo the stress and expense of an election this year, the candidates for each position have submitted their statements for publication, giving us an idea of what they have to offer as leaders of our organization.  The candidates for the Executive Board will each serve for a two-year term until October 2019.  They are:

  • President Deb Bittner
  • Treasurer Tracy Rich
  • Directors
    Carmen Elliott
    Pam Sloan
    Jan Wallace
  • Audit Committee Candidate Stephanie Six will serve a three-year term ending in October 2020.

Members will have a chance to affirm the candidates by acclamation at the Fall Membership Meeting on Wednesday, October 25 (1310 Anthony Hall, 5:20 p.m.) If there is no quorum, the members in attendance will witness the outgoing Executive Board’s acceptance of the candidates and the swearing in of the new leaders. This will be the final Membership Meeting of 2017.

Elections Committee: Direct questions, concerns, comments or challenges concerning the elections to a member of the Elections Committee.