Guidelines for Letters

Submit Letters to the Editor to Communications Specialist Cheryllee Finney.

  • We may refuse to publish letters submitted by individuals who are not members of the CTU.
  • No personal attacks will be published.
  • Letters must address issues/concerns of CTs, broadly defined.
  • Misrepresentations and erroneous information may be refused, but differing opinions are very welcome.
  • A response to a letter may be included in order to correct a misconception or misunderstanding of our union and/or the viewpoints of its leadership.
  • All letters must be signed, although we may publish them without the name.
  • We will confirm the identity of the authors of all submitted letters before publication.
  • After approval of the author, we may cut a letter for length or because of repetition.
  • With notification to the authors, we may decide to publish one representative letter with a list of concurring names if several letters are received that all express a similar sentiment.
  • We may end discussion of a topic that has gone on for several issues of the newsletter when nothing new is being added to the debate.