Coalition Health Care

January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2021
MSU/Coalition Health Care Agreement

In 2017, the members of the individual unions in the Coalition of Labor Organizations at MSU ratified, and the MSU Board of Trustees approved, an agreement that covers health care and base wages for the period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

Raises are tied to increases in the cost of health care.  As health care costs increase, wages are negatively impacted.  (See pp. 5 and 6 for the formulas.)

Each of the nine unions affected by our agreement has a different contract cycle and each will get their raises at a different time.

For CTs, the agreement determines our general wage increases on April 1, of each year, 2019 through 2023.

(CTs who have not reached the maximum of their pay grades will continue to receive an additional wage progression of 3% per year under our current contract.)

(Two MSU unions, the Graduate Employees Union and the Union of Non-Tenured Faculty are not covered under this agreement. GEU has a separate health care plan with the University and UNTF is on the faculty plan.)