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The 60/50 Project and CTU

In acknowledgment of the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision (60 years before) and the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (50 years before), Project 60/50 was launched at MSU in 2014.  Originally it was billed as a year-long conversation on civil rights, human rights, inclusion and diversity, but one year later, we discovered that the conversation wasn’t over.

CTU joined the conversation because it reflected our goals as an organization and because we wanted to make sure that labor and union rights were included in discussions of civil and human rights.  As a community partner in Project 60/50, the Clerical-Technical Union of MSU honors its mandate as set forth in our Mission Statement:

The Clerical-Technical Union of Michigan State University (CTU) is committed to the empowerment and dignity of the individual; democracy; diversity; and social justice through pursuit of fair wages, safe and humane working conditions; and the right to have a voice in decisions that affect CT’s lives.

CTU’s mission is to empower its members to exert control and choice over their own lives. To do so, it develops leaders who direct CTs’ collective resources and power to achieve the aims of the membership.

These aims are based on a foundation of values which include the affirmation of human dignity, respect for diversity, and promotion of social justice.

This mission can only be accomplished if members’ individual talents and skills, as well as their concerns, are transformed into purposeful collective action for change.